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At 430 i ordered a pizza order taker asked pick up or delivery, i said pick up. she said okay that will be 40 mins.

At 500 i showed up to pick it up and i said pick up for Adam and order taker said there are no pick up orders. I went home and called in and talked to a superviser and he said it will be there as soon as possible it was being delivered. I told him i live 3 blocks away why would i have it delivered. He asked for my address and i told him and then he said i have a different address, (now i feel bad for the delivery guy) I told him thats because i didn't want it delivered.

around 615 it arrived at our house. We tipped the delivery guy because it was not his fault.

It was the Order takers fault. They gave us a $3 discount, I didn't want a discount i just wanted my pizza on time.

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